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A Passage for Nnenne

2 What is pleasurable for a man may not always be good for his sanity. It all started innocently about two years ago after Arinze woke up starring at this dark lady whose face held more charm than Genevieve’s. Not recognizing his immediate environment,… Continue Reading “A Passage for Nnenne”

A Passage for Nnenne

1 Ninety-five words, Five hundred, and twenty-four characters. That was all, a mother’s letter to her son: Dearest,If you are reading this letter, my dear Arinze, the deed is done. Thanks for finally making your mum happy – a to-be grandmother. I don’t think… Continue Reading “A Passage for Nnenne”


Tis over – the pandemic. Few have survivedso many old friends, far too many gone.After a long while, I make a return to Ward 9. Whom shall I fraternize? With whom am I to sharethe melancholic joy that ‘m still living?Yet, that ventilator still… Continue Reading “WARD 9”


Although the ports at the momentmay have lost their bustle and urgencyand the roar of airplanes at the tarmac silent and idle,very much like empty stands at soccer stadia in Italy,spectators and gladiators locked-down by an unseen foe. Although the chattering of voices,blasting of… Continue Reading “I AWAIT”