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In My Lifetime

In my lifetimeI may not see youbecome that I earnestly wish. In their opinionwe were monkeys livin’ on tressbefore they came and made us men. We’re a conquered nation –the wandering Jews of Africa, butin my viewpoint – I‘m the hope of Africa. As… Continue Reading “In My Lifetime”


“Welcome to Zuluza,” “The most beautiful n’ hate-free country in the world.” “Oh, surely not,” said the tourist. “Well, perhaps not the most beautiful,” said the citizen “but the most tolerant – very friendly people we’re!” “On the streets of Oweto, behind prison walls… Continue Reading “ZULUZA”


9ja, my 9ja you’re dear to me as a homeland but I know you’ll not be truly mine until Justice is done. Are you still that country my proud forebears fought vehemently for at Independence? Sang at dinner tables, in Town halls, that you’ll… Continue Reading “9ja”