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Is There Anything Sweeter?

Is there anything sweeter than these hours of love,when we’re together, and my heart races?For what is better than embracing and fondlingwhen you visit me, and we surrender to delights? If you reach to caress my thigh,I will offer you my breast also —it’s… Continue Reading “Is There Anything Sweeter?”


I did all I couldwith what I was given –my talents, my lyrics. I lived by the codemy creed was real; my gifts evidentI harnessed it – chapter n’ verse; I was here to give lightto Hope, to make certainin meek ways, a mortal… Continue Reading “Retrospect”

A Conqueror’s Memoir

A tale shall be toldof a man whose storyis long and impressive.A story of resilience and valorwith an extravagant show of discipline. Of a man who conquered the arenawith his sword of firm courage,with his hard-clinched fit and steady feet.And fought with every ounce… Continue Reading “A Conqueror’s Memoir”