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Another Wreck

Again they’ve refloated another wreck – Obigbo;shy men of culture with a deep hatredthey consider themselves patriots, statesmen,devout Muslim, intellectuals, earnest Christiansbut they look on with folded hands. That’s why you saw me: massacred in Asaba – ’67,beheaded by fanatics in 2002 as George… Continue Reading “Another Wreck”

A Tweet to the Street

My ancestor’s wildest dreama rare country today – my birthplaceyet not the land of my fathers.My future has been stolenstacked away in bank vaultsin Zurich, London n’ New Yorkexchanged for mansions in Dubai n’ Paris. As citizens, often, we amuse ourselves:we’re no cowards at… Continue Reading “A Tweet to the Street”


Do you believe a soncan solemnly love his mother –bleed for his motherland and republicin the very heartbeat of his soulyet repeatedly betray n’ rape her?You’ll say nay,never mind how bizarre, illogical,foolish, spiteful or unthinkablebut men do it, I’ve done so,you’ve too, we still… Continue Reading “Nightmare”


Pocket lawyers everywhereRolling out conflicting analysesOf a seeming jurisdictional muddleLilly-livered politicians everywhereAuctioning their oscillating loyaltyLike a piece of cloth in a market stallEmpty minded masses everywhereBlown hither and thither like leavesTanned carton brown by miseryAnd the scorching heat of tyrannyLife is a teacher and… Continue Reading “….everywhere”

His first coronation…..

His first coronation…..was loud and boisterous,faraway folks dancedin joyous rhythmin celebratory backslapping. Emotions were infectious,‘twas a new dawn for Change.Lost in momentary covetousnessmany suspended their reasoning. Some trekked long distancesin jubilee of a new King’s ascent.The trekkers are still on the move,I suppose. Many… Continue Reading “His first coronation…..”

I’m a citizen


Place it upon your head, assume a different pose – tranquil yet radiating grace. It’s an aura around a king; never show doubt, never lose your dignity beneath the crown or it will not fit. Act like a king. A king esteems himself and… Continue Reading “THE CROWN”

I am This, I am That

Rich flocks trust in money greatly, trust not. Pols crave for power mostly, crave not. Power is a beauty Time and Liberty wrinkles and devours; very much like money – an illusion. Like brine, you drink and drink you acquire and acquire accumulate and… Continue Reading “I am This, I am That”

A Land, A Place

I come from a land A place of the living dead A land of the hungry and dying A place of so many wars A land where ignorance rents all. “Brother, give me life!” Am heartbroken – chained by infirmities “I’ll redeem you, am… Continue Reading “A Land, A Place”