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My Drug, Her Smile

PHOTOGRAPHER: kehinde ogunsanya


Goodness may be worth a damn these days,gracious old ways a fad – obsolete,but cast it not away or be insensitive;instead – embrace it, enhance it,it is your irresistible attractiveness –a trait that makes you a decent human.It is your life’s work – your… Continue Reading “Reputation”


Dreamland’s gate is not lockedeven those betrothed to miseryride in the delight of the Wright brothershug princes in a wanton relishrevel in well-styled buffetwhile their empty bowels groan timidly. Dreamland’s gate is not locked,a land lush in lithospheric beautyof bright hues spread vastlyseparated by… Continue Reading “Dreamland”

Teach Me …

Teach me how to number my daysso that I may live todaynot as a bubble but fully. Teach me how to love lifeso that hourly I may composemyself to the remembrance of my maker. Teach me before my last bowthe A-B-C of transforming to… Continue Reading “Teach Me …”

Anger is a Starving Beast —

Anger is a starving beastHer place will forever be above youShe consumes weaknessShe feeds from defeatShe thrives when you submitShe dines on fearBitterness is a gluttonous fiendHer appetite is insatiableShe finds little nourishment in affectionShe ravishes discontentShe feasts on the broken spiritShe pushes you… Continue Reading “Anger is a Starving Beast —”