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My Drug, Her Smile

PHOTOGRAPHER: kehinde ogunsanya


Goodness may be worth a damn these days,gracious old ways a fad – obsolete,but cast it not away or be insensitive;instead – embrace it, enhance it,it is your irresistible attractiveness –a trait that makes you a decent human.It is your life’s work – your… Continue Reading “Reputation”


Dreamland’s gate is not lockedeven those betrothed to miseryride in the delight of the Wright brothershug princes in a wanton relishrevel in well-styled buffetwhile their empty bowels groan timidly. Dreamland’s gate is not locked,a land lush in lithospheric beautyof bright hues spread vastlyseparated by… Continue Reading “Dreamland”


Don’t, don’t take me to the dance floor,my passion is too charged with energyit will electrocute you. Don’t lend my hand or heart to a rival;you will never get it back,trust me. I don’t offer soothing words rathera love acquired at great anguish,at a… Continue Reading “Completely”

Teach Me …

Teach me how to number my daysso that I may live todaynot as a bubble but fully. Teach me how to love lifeso that hourly I may composemyself to the remembrance of my maker. Teach me before my last bowthe A-B-C of transforming to… Continue Reading “Teach Me …”

Anger is a Starving Beast —

Anger is a starving beastHer place will forever be above youShe consumes weaknessShe feeds from defeatShe thrives when you submitShe dines on fearBitterness is a gluttonous fiendHer appetite is insatiableShe finds little nourishment in affectionShe ravishes discontentShe feasts on the broken spiritShe pushes you… Continue Reading “Anger is a Starving Beast —”