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Money is Only Paper

He’s mad,if a man is after moneylike a fugitive on the run.He’s a capitalistif he keeps itby whatever means necessary –ruining anyone solely for profit. He’s a playboyif he spends itwithout a careon booze n’ boobs.A never-do-wellif he doesn’t get itat the dint of… Continue Reading “Money is Only Paper”

DNA Father

She is, without doubt, home freethe wife of a ‘greener-pasture-seeker’ overseas –men who have chosen to leavethis country than stay home and pay tithesagainst their will to an episcopal curate – Poverty. With a legitimate ring on her fingerhe has yoked her to his… Continue Reading “DNA Father”

War is for the Poor

Vultures don’t feast on the caravans of the affluentFlies and worms banquet pleasurablyOn the carcasses of the vulnerable,War is for the poor.Guns and bullets prove their mightOn the harmless bodies of the poorMass graves willing to embrace their bodiesWar is for the poorWar does… Continue Reading “War is for the Poor”


Yeah, I remember ‘19a year of NEXT LEVEL CHANGEthe economy in recessionworkers n’ management at a crossroad –mass-sack, unannounced pay cuts,hunger n’ despair in the family n’ land –Poverty capital of the world.Fear about suicide bombersin the mosque, churches n’ marketplace.Government considering land grabsready… Continue Reading “‘19”

Let America Be Great Again

Whites, Negros, Redmen, Immigrants – rich in courage, abundant in self-sacrifice;bright minds – God’s gift to the world to flourish civilization once again. You ‘bought’ African natives, converted themto Christians and economic machinesfounded great industries out of their servitude, andafter convulsing with Morality, set… Continue Reading “Let America Be Great Again”

A Land, A Place

I come from a land A place of the living dead A land of the hungry and dying A place of so many wars A land where ignorance rents all. “Brother, give me life!” Am heartbroken – chained by infirmities “I’ll redeem you, am… Continue Reading “A Land, A Place”


Five times a distant firework banged and flickedit’s 12:01; it’s 2018; it’s another dawn and perfect with merry, high expectations and hopeful reckonI made my New Year resolutions; I made thee welcome. In your newness, wonder, and un-guilt I’d thinkwith hypes from economists that… Continue Reading “2019”

My Nib

My nib is incensed my fingers eloquent; they never sleep all they do is sweat. They shout what Autocracy calls forbidden values They limn what speech censors tag unapologetically dirty thoughts, since they must decipher at shut doors the secret codes of a treacherous… Continue Reading “My Nib”


Land of beauty. Land of the beautiful. Land of our fathers – valiant men n’ women Land of dreamers, who dreamt big for our land, for our people. Land of dreams that have turned pipe dreams Land of promise. Land of promise breakers Land… Continue Reading “Paradox”