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I’m Not a Christian

To: eyes that pensively lookminds that ponder in thoughts deepevil in some form is everywherebut I deplore that sanctioned andsomewhat made holy by tradition. I’ve not my childhood pal asked nor will Iwhy he no longer bears his family namesince he took a wife,… Continue Reading “I’m Not a Christian”

Public Opinion

Queer, tender, ecstatic like lovemaking,her warm breath brew flames between my thighsextinguishing my consciousness before the wake of dawn. I am a monster, she’s a scum(so they say) –two lovers of the same gender. Generations before our fathers –custodians of our culture called it… Continue Reading “Public Opinion”


She stands at akimbo at the public square unapologetic, unclothed n’ carefree. Fat she may be but conceals not her bulk beneath long clothes feeling it wimples n’ veils. She’s tit-plump, her bump in the backyard gorgeously round n’ contoured like a mountain. The… Continue Reading “GIRL AT THE PUBLIC SQUARE”