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The Thing about Stepmothers

Handcuffs can’t their immoral pursuits deterLike professional secretaries to first world executivesWhose short skirts, tight pants, juicy thighs conceive nothing but rape –their stairway to climb the highest corporate rungSome Stepmothers stop at nothing to gain financial freedom. Portifa’s wife-like women –My son befriend… Continue Reading “The Thing about Stepmothers”

Anger is a Starving Beast —

Anger is a starving beastHer place will forever be above youShe consumes weaknessShe feeds from defeatShe thrives when you submitShe dines on fearBitterness is a gluttonous fiendHer appetite is insatiableShe finds little nourishment in affectionShe ravishes discontentShe feasts on the broken spiritShe pushes you… Continue Reading “Anger is a Starving Beast —”


How could it have come to this? I’ve spent life striving to court Fortune only to hug Want with fanfare such a creepy loser. ‘m pushing fifty, I work like a donkey – 9 to 5 conscious of the money am losing yet this… Continue Reading “EASY MONEY”


I was his stepson, not his son and yet Though things were none too easy, I regret That I did little for the one who brought Me up. When, at the end, he sought To put off death’s approach, it was for me. So… Continue Reading “…A KINDLY DEED”


                       1. While I was pleasuring you, Time took flight n’ Life pass’d me by. I should have been searching for a lifetime partner – someone to raise a family with. Instead, I was… Continue Reading “Laments”