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Thanks to my wife, family, and friends for the many gifts of love, support, and appreciation. For taking the time – to regularly read us or visit this site, we are immensely grateful to you for the time you have invested in reading what… Continue Reading “Busted”

Tell me, will you?

Women want more interested in intimacy than in sex.

This whole goddam businessof what you call intimacybugs the hell out of me.I wish I can understandplainly what women meanwhen they talk about it. Lizzy complains that I don’t talk,it isn’t talking she wants nor roger‘cos ours is so good; she ain’ttoo quiet during… Continue Reading “Tell me, will you?”

Ask Cleopatra …

Welcome To Matrimony

Welcome to Matrimony hope you enjoy your stay while it lasts be happy, be yourself, be truthful 10 years from now we’ll be celebrating an anniversary, hope not a divorce. Did you bring that cherished gift newlyweds clamour for or has it been given… Continue Reading “Welcome To Matrimony”

My Bed

Again you’re ready, all dress’d a log, hollow chrome, feather fill’d at this hour wrapp’d in pink, calm eludes you sleep will not take you. Soon your joints and springs will be complainin’ listen, hear whisperings at the ceilin’ as flat on your mattress… Continue Reading “My Bed”