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A god

A piece of wood or stoneadorned with jewels n’ sprinkled bloodcarved into the shape of a god –the work of human hands. A mouth they have, but cannot speakEyes, but cannot see, ears but can’t hearHands they have, but cannot feelFeet, but cannot walk,… Continue Reading “A god”


I’ve Lost My Virginity

I’ve lost my virginity in his arms, on his turf naught to a nut – a loner with a grudge who pin’d me against the wall unzipp’d and wet my private with semen. Yes! I’ve lost it – his blood stain’d dick is evidence… Continue Reading “I’ve Lost My Virginity”

Don’t Believe

Don’t believe at face-value anything written in that sacred collection Don’t be certain of anything in that book spoken or rumored. Don’t have faith in it merely on the convictions of your parents and teachers. Nor believe in its potency because generations have handed… Continue Reading “Don’t Believe”

Jehovah Is Our King!

Rejoice, give glory to Jehovah, For the heavens proclaim all his righteousness. Let us sing to our God joyful songs to his praise; Let us speak to all of his great acts. Let the heavens rejoice, Let the earth joyful be, For Jehovah has… Continue Reading “Jehovah Is Our King!”