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Money is Only Paper

He’s mad,if a man is after moneylike a fugitive on the run.He’s a capitalistif he keeps itby whatever means necessary –ruining anyone solely for profit. He’s a playboyif he spends itwithout a careon booze n’ boobs.A never-do-wellif he doesn’t get itat the dint of… Continue Reading “Money is Only Paper”


We are no robot –powerless, remote-controlledyet few behave differently;Blame is but a human attributeour Achilles heel, our cancer.‘The devil made me do it.’you accuse the fallen angle –still yet an addict loves his addiction.Some say he’s a mystical thing –there is more to himthan… Continue Reading “Blame”


If colors come in flowers I’ll choose Hibiscus If Friendship comes in colors I’ll Rainbow If Integrity is a tree I’ll prefer Iroko If Dignity comes in shapes I’ll wish a Circle If Freedom comes in words I’ll opt a Dictionary If Secrets are… Continue Reading “If”