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My Flower

First Kiss

He pulled her faceto invade her spacehe was close, so close,for the first time, courage rosein him, unlike gone days n’ nightsof wishful thinking, of aborted biddingsher mouth, his lips, wet n’ redso very, very, very wet, spreadover hers to feed starving lips –their… Continue Reading “First Kiss”

Threefold Cord


4 It was the stuff of a satire, were it not painfully true. Nnenne sat silently on a black-spotted Ankara patterned sofa surrounded by chattering friends and coworkers. She and a handful of friends at Lolo’s urging – her childhood friend and workmate, had… Continue Reading “A PASSAGE FOR NNENNE”


3 Mid-age has come; almost lost is the brags and security that goes with the beauty of youth. Will the colors of a peahen be for its survival or pleasantries? Nnenne dared for answers.A non-conformist – Nnenne nurtured her confidence in the free-to-be-you household… Continue Reading “A PASSAGE FOR NNENNE”

A Passage for Nnenne

2 What is pleasurable for a man may not always be good for his sanity. It all started innocently about two years ago after Arinze woke up starring at this dark lady whose face held more charm than Genevieve’s. Not recognizing his immediate environment,… Continue Reading “A Passage for Nnenne”


I love to pass my fingers(As tide thro’ weeds of the seaAnd wind the tall fern-fronds)Thro’ the strands of your hairDark as night that screens the naked moon: I am jealous and passionateLike Jehovah, God of the Jews,And I would that you realiseNo greater… Continue Reading “Olokun”


― Culled from Adriana Trigiani, Very Valentine

Tell Her…

Credit: Tolu Bamwo (@tolubamwo) • Instagram photos

You’re words…