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In My Lifetime

In my lifetimeI may not see youbecome that I earnestly wish. In their opinionwe were monkeys livin’ on tressbefore they came and made us men. We’re a conquered nation –the wandering Jews of Africa, butin my viewpoint – I‘m the hope of Africa. As… Continue Reading “In My Lifetime”

A Conqueror’s Memoir

A tale shall be toldof a man whose storyis long and impressive.A story of resilience and valorwith an extravagant show of discipline. Of a man who conquered the arenawith his sword of firm courage,with his hard-clinched fit and steady feet.And fought with every ounce… Continue Reading “A Conqueror’s Memoir”


Rancor n’ acrimony,envy n’ jealously,quarreling n’ cursingclamps her in an embrace. She’s a captive –a willing devotee then,an unwilling convert nowshe has thrown her heart to wedlock. What convinced her or her likesof this affection, this sparky affairtoxic to its recipient n’ its bearerI… Continue Reading “SBS”

Born Again

Papa is born againthis new spirit in him – crinkled eyes, fading skinbald-head, graying side-burnsis dogged. Many thirty-year olds or even less are responsive like Lydia was to Paul this good news – Money, Power and Confidence which were elusive at tender years. Difficult… Continue Reading “Born Again”

Dear Love

Dear love, without doubt you know I love and cherish you but there’s another in my life I first meet him at cradle long before I set eyes on you long before I knew your face or name. Without doubt, you want me –… Continue Reading “Dear Love”