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A Conqueror’s Memoir

A tale shall be toldof a man whose storyis long and impressive.A story of resilience and valorwith an extravagant show of discipline. Of a man who conquered the arenawith his sword of firm courage,with his hard-clinched fit and steady feet.And fought with every ounce… Continue Reading “A Conqueror’s Memoir”

My July Baby Boy

Whose eyes like bulbs shine ever so brightHas learned to weave lines of joyTo illuminate the lines of poetry, with no fright. My journey with joyous lines was begun at fourteenWith poetry and prose; drama my first choiceBeating me to it, he’d left my… Continue Reading “My July Baby Boy”

Glad to be called a Teacher!

It’s not my name, thoughBut a title I’ve come to likeSince I use every opportunityTo impart knowledge.I learned this art from Jesus,Who gave up his rest when fatigue disagreedTo quench the thirst of his listeners,Those that followed him wherever he went.Like Jesus, my students… Continue Reading “Glad to be called a Teacher!”

My Father’s Son

Beyond Harmattan

Beyond Harmattan’s cold in December If we had an evening to spend – alone Would we enjoy bottles of Laughter’s wine, You weaving me into your arms, I in your bosom? Would you savor my lips with your velvet pout as I taste ‘ts… Continue Reading “Beyond Harmattan”


I’m flesh & bloodI rise, I fallI sometimes nix, other times fixI mute “Am sorry”, whenI’m not ready to make niceI make mistakes – too manyI’ve been hurt, I’ve hurt, I learnI’m not a piece of machineryI’m not perfectI’m only human. Copyright © 2019.… Continue Reading “i”

Tell Me I’m Beautiful

Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll spare your face from being furrowed with tears. I’ll multiple your joy bountifully. Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll open my doorway for you to walk in and explore the mystery that’s me. Tell me I’m beautiful and… Continue Reading “Tell Me I’m Beautiful”

My Nib

My nib is incensed my fingers eloquent; they never sleep all they do is sweat. They shout what Autocracy calls forbidden values They limn what speech censors tag unapologetically dirty thoughts, since they must decipher at shut doors the secret codes of a treacherous… Continue Reading “My Nib”


I find it to inspire when I Sniff, Inhale n’ Puff it introduces me to great friends, helps me take a seat among nobles. My mouth opens to speak wisely and to sing verses; it is good for ‘I wannabe’ talks, better for courting… Continue Reading “SNIFF, INHALE N’ PUFF”