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Don’t Fall in Love…

Don’t fall in love with a womanwho feels too much in her bosom,not petty, gossipy, or irritatedsure of herself – educated. Don’t fall in love with a woman, sort ofwho cries her heart out when making love,whose passion is intense – unabatedknows how to… Continue Reading “Don’t Fall in Love…”


Don’t come to me during work hours or at home deliberately wearing so tight fitting, so low-cut a dress baring your Double D expecting not this lump – this rude fellow with no will or brains from growing stiff and long, I am only… Continue Reading “#MeToo”

Her Skirt

Her skirt: bright colour’d, split behind prim half way to the knee. As she sashay down the street before us – Granny and I legs peek out just enough for us to catch a glimpse of flesh. A slight breeze all that stand between… Continue Reading “Her Skirt”