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What becomes of a failed state? Does its might like Rome become a museumadmired for the glory of its past?Or does it die of vice in the hands of scoundrelswho limits Liberty to increase their shareof the pie that they steal from the wretched?… Continue Reading “Ruins”


We are no robot –powerless, remote-controlledyet few behave differently;Blame is but a human attributeour Achilles heel, our cancer.‘The devil made me do it.’you accuse the fallen angle –still yet an addict loves his addiction.Some say he’s a mystical thing –there is more to himthan… Continue Reading “Blame”

A Sermon

7 Social Sins there are:Wealth without work.Pleasure without conscience.Knowledge without character.Commerce without morality.Science without humanity.Worship without sacrifice.Politics without principle. Copyright © Frederick Lewis Donaldson |1925 Frederick Lewis Donaldson (1860-1953) was an Anglican priest, well known as the Red Vicar of St Mark’s Leicester, and… Continue Reading “A Sermon”

Humble Grief

1.Prostrate here in humble grief, I lieIn this foul-smelling and awful cubicle.What with me do you want, O Justice?Ain’t your vows to ruin my innocence? 2.My castle of confine! My dwelling! My cell!Long enough have I known your hermitageYour stonewalls of miseries to me… Continue Reading “Humble Grief”


My days are spentsleeping, shopping, preening,driving about town in fancy carsand when inclined, have lavish ballswith girls and friends who have fallen formy made-believe lifestyle and deceit. My nights are spent “working”,hitting the keyboard hard and furious,making video calls and sending spam mailsas if… Continue Reading “Yahoo-boy”


When my skirt was torn, I gasped in fearThe last shed of my dignity laidSolemnly on the floor having paidA plea; willing the beast in between your legs to hearThe angry inferno from your long exhaust pipe to douseWhere my tears have failed to… Continue Reading “Broken”

Men Like Us

Who are these men?Men like us – well mannered,well-traveled and well-educated?Our leaders? The ones who rob the poorwithout a dint of conscience?The ones that keep calling out their sonsto war at the slightest provocation? Who are these men?Men like you, men like me –family… Continue Reading “Men Like Us”

Long Live The Page

Long live the Page and People of the book!Good people they’re who make texts doctrinesof law and regulations, authors authority, supreme beings of the intellectual world they’re. I can’t imagine their giving up readin’ nor the rationality found in print’d pagesthan I can ideate lightin’a… Continue Reading “Long Live The Page”

Ask Cleopatra …


A toast! To Tope, she sells her maw to bring in rents, her beauty is her freehold – a price for just a fee. An errant daughter we may call her devoid of virtue, loose, a slut, asawo, unknown to us she is our… Continue Reading “A TOAST”