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Hearts, like doors, will ope with easeTo very, very little keys,And don’t forget that two of theseAre “I thank you” and “If you please.” Come when you’re called,Do what you’re bid,Close the door after you,Never be chid. Seldom “can’t,”Seldom “don’t;”Never “shan’t,”Never “won’t.” © Anonymous… Continue Reading “Etiquette”

Oh, Joe

Money is Only Paper

He’s mad,if a man is after moneylike a fugitive on the run.He’s a capitalistif he keeps itby whatever means necessary –ruining anyone solely for profit. He’s a playboyif he spends itwithout a careon booze n’ boobs.A never-do-wellif he doesn’t get itat the dint of… Continue Reading “Money is Only Paper”


We are no robot –powerless, remote-controlledyet few behave differently;Blame is but a human attributeour Achilles heel, our cancer.‘The devil made me do it.’you accuse the fallen angle –still yet an addict loves his addiction.Some say he’s a mystical thing –there is more to himthan… Continue Reading “Blame”


1A freshman – his parents willed so,An opportunity they longed for but ne’er had.Quest for a degree – a habit of our society,A serious-minded boy he was –His mother’s joy, his father’s insurance policy;Four years was the planned tenure at the citadel. 2“Bring pennants… Continue Reading “Frat”

War is for the Poor

Vultures don’t feast on the caravans of the affluentFlies and worms banquet pleasurablyOn the carcasses of the vulnerable,War is for the poor.Guns and bullets prove their mightOn the harmless bodies of the poorMass graves willing to embrace their bodiesWar is for the poorWar does… Continue Reading “War is for the Poor”

Humble Grief

1.Prostrate here in humble grief, I lieIn this foul-smelling and awful cubicle.What with me do you want, O Justice?Ain’t your vows to ruin my innocence? 2.My castle of confine! My dwelling! My cell!Long enough have I known your hermitageYour stonewalls of miseries to me… Continue Reading “Humble Grief”

I need ….


A toast! To Tope, she sells her maw to bring in rents, her beauty is her freehold – a price for just a fee. An errant daughter we may call her devoid of virtue, loose, a slut, asawo, unknown to us she is our… Continue Reading “A TOAST”


Society: Everyone’s beautiful Society: Don’t eat though, you don’t want to get fat Society: You don’t eat? Anorexic freak! Society: You’re a size 4? You’re supposed to be a size 0! Society: You’re an A cup? What are you 8? Society: You’re a C… Continue Reading “Society”