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Think of a world, a world without tearsWhere a man can live for a thousand yearsWith never a grief, an ache or a painAnd never a thought of dying again. Think of a world where a man plants a vineHe can sit in its… Continue Reading “A WORLD WITHOUT TEARS”


Unannounced, unwelcomed,the doorbell I didn’t ring,and flew the door ajar. Although we refer to eachother as ‘brothers’,ours isn’t the brotherhoodof Stalin or Mao but of Christ. Alone in his officemy pastor and his guest I surprised.Alone in prayers –unbuckled belt, toplessunhooked brassieres, pants down.… Continue Reading “Unannounced”

Don’t Believe

Don’t believe at face-value anything written in that sacred collection Don’t be certain of anything in that book spoken or rumored. Don’t have faith in it merely on the convictions of your parents and teachers. Nor believe in its potency because generations have handed… Continue Reading “Don’t Believe”