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A god

A piece of wood or stoneadorned with jewels n’ sprinkled bloodcarved into the shape of a god –the work of human hands. A mouth they have, but cannot speakEyes, but cannot see, ears but can’t hearHands they have, but cannot feelFeet, but cannot walk,… Continue Reading “A god”

Silent, but ….

I MAY be silent, butI’m thinking.I may not talk, butDon’t mistake me for a wall. Copyright © Tsuboi Shigeji | Translated by Geoffrey Bownan and Anothony Thwaite | 1964


Tell Her…

Credit: Tolu Bamwo (@tolubamwo) • Instagram photos

Don’t Believe

Don’t believe at face-value anything written in that sacred collection Don’t be certain of anything in that book spoken or rumored. Don’t have faith in it merely on the convictions of your parents and teachers. Nor believe in its potency because generations have handed… Continue Reading “Don’t Believe”