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Wait Not

Wait not, fond lovershe’d not give a waiverwho took your placefind yourself another,let your memories bank not on me;your fantasies are free to roam. Wait not, fond lovershe – I dwell now inher river like a fish;she’s a taunting schemerthat wouldn’t unshackleor make me… Continue Reading “Wait Not”

Then & Now

Jane to Jean


I speak not a word further my Beloved that I may please; to gaze on Love’s portrait of ill-harmony without the agony, the doubt, the joy which rends the heart it bears while day n’ night roll darkling by is like gathering clouds ne’er… Continue Reading “LOVE is SAD”

A Fair Maid

A fair maid’s fragrance beckons mewithout hesitation, without permission, thro’ I’ve seen her only on the pages of her Instagram. Her pencil-pointed plump melon her skin gleamin’ like rich satin which makes the attire that adores her a rare work of beauty. She has… Continue Reading “A Fair Maid”