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The will to power destroys the power to will.The weapon made, we cannot help but use it;it drags us with its own momentum still. The power to kill compounds the need to kill.Grown out of hand, the heart cannot refuse it;the will to power… Continue Reading “Weapon”

I Don’t Want a Marked Pit

Burnt on the pyre or buried to decompose in time whether am all bones or ashes I wish to be laid to rest quietly, peacefully, content, and courteously I don’t want a monument, a headstone or a marked pit. Let my dead bones that… Continue Reading “I Don’t Want a Marked Pit”

Man, Man, Oh Man

Man, Man, oh Man,Earth breeds no feebler beast than theeStrange how your beauty has gone forfeitYour world deaf to hope, deaf to its deathDestitute of honor, deprived of honestyGreed gags you down to the deepWorry queries many but few answersMan, man, oh man has… Continue Reading “Man, Man, Oh Man”


War is for the Poor

Vultures don’t feast on the caravans of the affluentFlies and worms banquet pleasurablyOn the carcasses of the vulnerable,War is for the poor.Guns and bullets prove their mightOn the harmless bodies of the poorMass graves willing to embrace their bodiesWar is for the poorWar does… Continue Reading “War is for the Poor”

OWERRI, 1968

[A story told by my mother] This city will again be a beautiful landscapeFrom war’s wreckage rent and rivenOur son’s massacre, our daughter’s rapeWe’ll ne’er forget nor will our will give in. Their spiteful raids – Haruna’s* mayhem,The ravages his gang of barbarians wroughtLike… Continue Reading “OWERRI, 1968”


Firm as a rock our noble martyrs stood unbending as a rod of tempered steel foreseeing the agony we (now) must feel they Necessity permitted to ignite War’s wood. Dying because they wish’d to maintain right “Strife rule in places and lands of boastful… Continue Reading “Martyrs”


They say about this time 50 months ago Boko boys own half of this town with brute-will, they spread fear and death. They had everything a monarch could ask of: Power, Territory and Wealth (even choice girls from Chibok without paying a dowry). Drunk… Continue Reading “Metele”