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Don’t Fall in Love…

Don’t fall in love with a womanwho feels too much in her bosom,not petty, gossipy, or irritatedsure of herself – educated. Don’t fall in love with a woman, sort ofwho cries her heart out when making love,whose passion is intense – unabatedknows how to… Continue Reading “Don’t Fall in Love…”


Refuse to be censoredGags are overbearing bastards.Show off your good bits –your hour-glass God-given figure. Care less about what others think –thigh-high slits, plunging necklines, curve-hugging.Team brave colours with an off-shoulder;fit is everything, colour is courage. Don’t hide your light under a bushelof false… Continue Reading “Ketchup”

Tell Me I’m Beautiful

Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll spare your face from being furrowed with tears. I’ll multiple your joy bountifully. Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll open my doorway for you to walk in and explore the mystery that’s me. Tell me I’m beautiful and… Continue Reading “Tell Me I’m Beautiful”