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Don’t Fall in Love…

Don’t fall in love with a womanwho feels too much in her bosom,not petty, gossipy, or irritatedsure of herself – educated. Don’t fall in love with a woman, sort ofwho cries her heart out when making love,whose passion is intense – unabatedknows how to… Continue Reading “Don’t Fall in Love…”

O Woman

“O woman,father says natural is beautifulso why do you redden your cheeksand blacken your eyes?Why do you remove the hair on your legsand draw them into your brows?Why do you hold your breathlest your stomach showand hold your fartlest they knowthat you’re a human?… Continue Reading “O Woman”


She stands at akimbo at the public square unapologetic, unclothed n’ carefree. Fat she may be but conceals not her bulk beneath long clothes feeling it wimples n’ veils. She’s tit-plump, her bump in the backyard gorgeously round n’ contoured like a mountain. The… Continue Reading “GIRL AT THE PUBLIC SQUARE”

Born Again

Papa is born againthis new spirit in him – crinkled eyes, fading skinbald-head, graying side-burnsis dogged. Many thirty-year olds or even less are responsive like Lydia was to Paul this good news – Money, Power and Confidence which were elusive at tender years. Difficult… Continue Reading “Born Again”